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December 30, 2019

The New Year brings us new motivation and excitement to become whoever we want to be. We use this time of year to express new skills we want to have or dust off old passions, but often by February the fire dies out. This can happen when we forget to allow ourselves to...

September 14, 2019

Practicing yoga with other like-minded people can be the highlight of my week. We form bonds through our practice. laughing through our mistakes and efforts then we meet peace together in our meditation. When we are away from our group classes, we miss the familiarity...

Flicka Rahn is the Integrative Healing Institute® resident Sound Expert. Having worked as a professional

singer, even appearing on stage at Carnegie Hall, she shares her passion for music with her students, clients and now the world with her new book, The Transformatio...

February 20, 2019

New crystal kits are back to help you move into spring with the hope of change. Working on new projects? Spring-cleaning your mind, body and emotions? Read more to find this month's little helpers!

Clear quartz is a strong purification stone. It can help dislodge stuc...

Spinal flexibility is not something we think of everyday but it is something we depend on. Most of the time our spine moves with us without our awareness unless we have pain.

Here are some ideas for keeping the back happy and healthy.

  • Use the Breath to create Core Su...

Downward Facing Dog is on the most used asanas in yoga. It's great for opening the ribs, stretching the hamstrings and building upper body strength. But with yoga classes moving so quickly, how can you be sure you're in proper alignment?

Most students focus on getting t...

When I work in private sessions with students, I am amazed to see how the body can improve with just a handful of yoga poses. I love teaching group classes too, don’t get me wrong, but focusing on specific issues a student has and working to find a solution together is...

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