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What are the Chakras?

The physical aspect of our bodies consists of organs that are critical to our health and well-being. Our body's energy system also has organs - these principal energy centers are called Chakras. The energy body and the physical body work together and are in constant communication with one another to keep us physically and emotionally stable. 


The energy body is deeply connected to the mind and spirit. In many cultures and ancient medical systems the energy body is considered the doorway of consciousness or enlightenment. Chakra function or dysfunction can affect mood and emotions, our understanding of our environment (feeling safe) and our ability to love ourselves and others. 


What is Chakra Balancing and what can I expect during a session?

Together with your practitioner, you will review your intake form and briefly discuss your concerns and the issues that have prompted your session. During the energy work you will rest comfortably on a massage table with your clothes on while your practitioner does an assessment of each of the Chakras. 


Appropriate crystals or Chakra stones are commonly used for their ability to facilitate even greater function within the energy system.  Reiki (hands on healing) is used for its ability to ground the individual and infuse and energize the body with loving energy.  Self-care techniques are discussed and suggestions given at the end of the session. For sessions of more than 1/2 hour clients will receive aura cleansing and additional Reiki. 


What kinds of issues can Chakra Balancing help with?

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Lack of energy 

  • Emotional balance

  • Fear, Worry and safety issues 

  • Communication

  • Self-image and Self-love

  • Forgiveness and love of others

What are the benefits of Chakra Balancing?

When your chakras are open your physical body and life are healthy, happy and balanced. When there is an imbalance or blockage there will be disturbances in your body or life. By healing the energetic centers of your body your overall health will improve.


Chakra Balancing can help with: 

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Overall balance

  • Digestion issues

  • Communication

  • Emotional balancing and grounding


How often should I have my Chakras balanced? 

Each individual is different. The answer often depends upon your home and work environment and the individuals within your support group, family and friends. After revitalizing your energy system and learning some self-care techniques, you will respond to life challenges in a more balanced manner. Regular maintenance or energy tune-ups are beneficial for all.


Session Price

$50 for a 30 minute session.


What is Aura Cleansing? 

The aura is the energy field around your body sometimes referred to as your personal space. Each layer of the field is directly connected to one of the seven principal chakras. When your aura is healthy it can be as large as 3 - 6' feet around your body. Each day we come into contact with the energy fields of others and stale energy in buildings where we work, play, shop, dine. Without a daily cleansing routine your aura can become polluted and congested.  A professional Aura Cleansing is a thorough and beneficial service that is added to one-hour Chakra Balancing sessions. Your practitioner can discuss Aura self-care at the end of your session.  

Can be included in a 1 hour session