Crystal Classes


Crystal Healing 1: The Energetic Body

Saturday August 21(12pm-6pm)

$140* 7 or more days before class or $160 late registration. Use Coupon Code EarlyBird

6 CEs for LMTs

Have you ever wanted to understand the different uses for crystals? 
This class will explore:
• The "Rules of Thumb" in crystal healing
• The importance of Grounding
• The care and love for your crystals and stones
• How the crystals can assist in healing the Chakra system
• Some basic crystal layouts
*Use Coupon Code EarlyBird to receive $20 off early registration.

Chakra Basics

Sunday August 29 (1pm-6pm)


5 CEs for LMTs

Chakra Basics will introduce you to the energetic body. This is a first level class for those who wish to become energy healers, on yourself or others. Learn to explore the energetic centers of the body and the energetic layers outside of the body and how they affect you. 


You will learn and experience:

  • Grounding Techniques

  • The difference between Chakras and Layers of the Field

  • How to "feel" the energy using subtle sense perception

  • How to scan the energy of a body

  • How to incorporate some basic crystal techniques in energetic healing

  • Using essential oils for the Chakras

"UN"Stuffing It: A day of releasing what you no longer need with Diane Bloom

Saturday September 18(10am-4pm)


We all have "stuff" that was instilled in us at a very young age. No matter who you are, you have been taught things that, just as your childhood clothing, you have outgrown. But what has happened to all that stuff? Where does it sit in your body, mind and spirit and how is it still affecting you today? 

Through the use of stones, meditation and guided healings and awareness, Diane will demonstrate how to release that which no longer serves you in order for you to live a more free and happy life. 

You will learn:

  • Stones for Emotions

  • Releasing Emotional Blocks Healing Technique

  • Releasing Fear Healing Technique

  • Heart Healing Technique

In this hands on class, you will work on another student and then receive healing work from them. Diane will assist and guide through the process.

Diane Bloom has been using stones and crystals for thirty years to teach others how to shift their lives and grow into the true nature of who they are. She is the founder and owner of Free Spirit Crystals in Butler, WI as well as the founder and co-teacher of The Free Spirit School of Integrated Energy Healing. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a numerologist and crystal healer. Diane has written three books on crystals and healing called the KISS Guide series (Keep it Simple Spirit) and has just recently co-written a muscle called "Come Home," illustrating how to release your past and grow into the person you came here to be.

Crystal Healing 2: Layouts for Well-Being

Saturday November 20(12pm-6pm)

$140* 7 or more days before class or $160 late registration. Use Coupon Code EarlyBird

6 CEs for LMTs

Experience the joy and love in healing with crystals. Jill has been sharing the healing energy of crystals for several years. She will be teaching the hands-on class of crystal healing for the well-being of self and others. You will learn to apply the knowledge you learned in crystal healing the energetic body; but you will learn to include the stones that may also assist with anger, negative energy, anxiety, stress, and more. We will have less lecture in this class and more hands-on practice with other students.

During this class, some of the objectives will be to:

  • Hold space for healing

  • Grounding yourself and your client

  • Layouts for others to promote healing

  • Gain more confidence in your choice of stones to be used

  • Develop layouts for your personal practice

  • Write about the experience of the layouts that you utilize and those that you experience

  • Learn to meditate with a stone or collection of stones for the purpose of well-being


This class will take you to a level where you will be able to promote the healing of your clients, family, friends, and self. You will have direct practice working with others and develop further your healing practice.