General Public Classes

Integrative Healing Institute offers a wide variety of interactive wellness classes for individuals who are interested in learning beneficial self-care techniques like: Stress Reduction, Ear Magnet Therapy & Reiki as well as techniques that can be used to help others like Reflexology and Reiki. These classes are open to the General Public. Please read the Class Cancellation Policy before registering for a class. 


May 14: Reiki 1 (12pm-4pm)-$80* Early Bird

September 9: Reiki 1 (5pm-9pm)-$80* Early Bird

October 16: Reiki 2 (5pm-9pm)-$120* Early Bird

November 6: Reiki Master (12pm-6pm)-$220* Early Bird



May 21: Ear Magnet Therapy (3pm-5pm)-$60

July 14: Ear Magnet Therapy (10am-12pm)-$60

September 17: Ear Magnet Therapy (4pm-6pm)-$60

November 10: Ear Magnet Therapy (10am-12pm)-$60


Natural Reflex Therapy®

May 12: Program Overview (6pm-8pm)-$10

May 15: Holistic Self-Care (12pm-6pm)-$120*

June 4: Isometrics/Isotonics (12pm-5pm)-$100*

June 5: Empower your Wellness Practice with Integration Techniques (12pm-6pm)-$120*

June 12: Program Overview (12pm-2pm)-$10

August 12: Program Overview (6pm-8pm)-$10

August 28: BODY: Belly (12pm-6pm)-$120*

September 11: BODY: Shoulder/Arms (12pm-6pm)-$120*

October 2: Reflexes-Source Points for Healing (12pm-6pm)-$120*

October 12: Program Overview (6pm-8pm)-$10

November 7: Reflexes-Source Points for Healing (12pm-6pm)-$120*

November 13: Holistic Self-Care (12pm-6pm)-$120*

November 14: BODY: Belly (12pm-6pm)-$120*


Hand Reflexology

September 23: Hand Reflexology 1 (4pm-9pm)-$100* Early Bird

October 17: Hand Reflexology 2 (12pm-5pm)-$100* Early Bird


Foot Reflexology

May 16: Foot Reflexology 1 (10am-6pm)-$140* Early Bird

May 23: Foot Reflexology 2 (10am-6pm)-$160* Early Bird

December 4: Foot Reflexology 1 (10am-6pm)-$140* Early Bird

December 5: Foot Reflexology 2 (10am-6pm)-$160* Early Bird



Every 3rd Friday: Crystal Trunk Show (11am-2pm)-Free

Every Saturday: Yoga & Crystals (1pm-2pm)-$25 Drop in

*Register 7 days before the class to get Early Bird and receive $20 off. Use Coupon Code EBIHI2016.