Unifying Mind, Body & Spirit

What is Intuitive Energy Healing?
Intuitive Energy Healing is a heart-centered energy based modality that:

  •     Energizes healthy function of Mind, Body and Spirit

  •     Discharges unhealthy subtle energies

  •     Deepens spiritual connections

  •     Balances the Mind, Body and Spirit

How does it work?
An Intuitive Energy Healer is experienced in working with subtle energies within and those surrounding the body. She will be able to detect disturbances, congestion, weaknesses and unhealthy patterns within the energy fields just outside your body (sometimes known as the aura.) Once her initial reading is complete she will nourish depleted areas, correct disturbances, clear congestions and strengthen weakened areas.

What can I expect in a session?
An intake form will help your therapist develop an individual plan of therapy. Your therapist will do a consultation with you in private.

A warm soft massage table lets you rest while you are receiving Intuitive Energy Healing. Clients are clothed and will simply rest for about an hour as your therapist follows the intuitive impulses of your body - sometimes touching or holding an area and other times working in the subtle energy just above your body.

Positive side effects include:

  •     More energy

  •     Calmness

  •     Stress reduction

  •     Clarity

  •     Better communication

  •     Improved body functions

  •     Better sleep

  •     Compassion

  •     Peace (lessening of brain chatter)

  •     Joy

Can anyone benefit from Intuitive Energy Healing?
Yes, Intuitive Energy Healing is suitable and beneficial for individuals of all ages.

How long does a session last and how much does it cost?

30 minute session-$30

60 minute session-$60


Suzanne's Universal Prayer for Change

Suzanne offers free sessions for those interested in learning her meditative prayer. You can download the prayer (also available in Spanish) or make an appointment to learn more about it. 

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