Long Distance Energy Work Sessions
Please call to book (210)967-4400
$22.50 for 30 minutes  
$35 for 1 hour
What should I expect from a Long Distance Energy Session?
When you schedule a Long Distance Energy Session your therapist will reach out through email prior to the session to learn what issues you are having and understand more about your goals for the session.
We recommend that you make your appointment at time when you can rest comfortably and quietly.
During the Long Distance Session your energy practitioner will: 
  • Access the function of your chakras
  • Cleanse and clear the aura of the body
  • Energize the body with Love
  • Use appropriate healing crystals:
          • To enhance and encourage proper flow of your energetic circulatory system
          • To provide better grounding or stability for your energy body
          • To reestablish the proper frequencies for the Chakras
          • To get your energy functioning at the highest level possible
After your session your practitioner will send a follow up email with some Chakra self-care suggestions.
What kinds of issues can a Long Distance energy session help with?
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Lack of Energy
  • Emotional balance
  • Fear, worry and safety issues
  • Communication
  • The phenomena of "not feeling right" 
  • Self image and Self love
  • Forgiveness and love of others
How does it work?
Energy practitioners trained at Integrative Healing Institute® in advanced techniques like Long Distance Reiki, learn to perceive energy both at a distance and in person. While in this altered state of consciousness they are able to connect with others at a soul level to sense things like energetic depletion and functional issues like whether the chakras or energetic organs are working properly.
While it is difficult to explain the "resonance theory of consciousness" may provide a more concrete explanation of the phenomena of distance healing. According to Tam Hunt and Jonathan Schooler the authors of the resonance theory, synchronized vibrations are central not only to human consciousness, but to all physical reality.
"All things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating," Hunt writes. "Even objects that appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies. Resonance is a type of motion, characterized by oscillation between two states. And ultimately all matter is just vibrations fo various underlying fields." When different oscillating objects are close together for a time, they begin to vibrate in sync. That applies to neurons in the brain, fireflies gathering, the Moon and Earth, and much more. This phenomenon is called "spontaneous self-organization." The synchronization is a kind of physical communication between entities.
Why do I feel like this?
Think about the energy body as having a circulatory system and an organ system just as the physical body does. The energetic organs do not process food, but process information through a complex network of frequency-based organs called Chakras.
The Chakras do not have to be any more mysterious than your liver or pancreas though. Ancient medical systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM( and Ayurveda have recognized their crucial role and connection in the body's overall health for thousands of years.
Why should I get a Long Distance Energy Session?
Sensory information is paramount to health and safety. It gives us clues about who we should trust and our environment. It helps us to connect with everything. The Chakras are our energy body's sensory organs just as your eyes, ears and nose are your body's physical sensory organs.
When our energy system is off-line we have sensory issues including: trouble communicating with others or being understood. We may also have safety issues like being hyper-vigilant, anxious, worried and overwhelmed. 
Without the informational/sensory part of us working properly, we have a lot of trouble connecting. Just about everyone understands a little about computers or cell phones, so how about this analogy to explain how our energy body works? Your energy body is like a laptop. It needs to be charged to continue working and it needs to be connected to the internet to communicate with others and get all sorts of information. 
When our body senses that we are off line it becomes frustrated and anxious, just as we do when our modem goes down or we cannot get a good connection with our phone.
The other side effect of being energetically off line is hyper-vigilance. When our bodies cannot connect or sense its surroundings accurately, the response is to become on alert. Insomnia, eating and elimination issues, nervousness, phantom pain or illnesses, fear, depletion and fatigue may be outward symptoms of an energetic dysfunction.