Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Workshops

Thu March 7-Sun March 10, 2019 (9am-5pm Thursday-Saturday & 9am-1pm on Sunday) Payment plans available

$650 before January 7, 2019 or $850 Late Registration

24 CEs for LMTs, OTs, and PTs

Repeating this class? We have deeply discounted pricing. Please call us (210)967-4400 to register.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is an innovative hands-on method created by Dr. Bruno Chikly. Class includes manual and 24 hours of specialized training and practice. 


In LDT Level 1 you will learn:

  • How to attune to the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow anywhere in the body. 

  • The relationship of the lymph system to chronic pain, swelling/inflammation and body dysfunctions.

  • To refine your skills and learn how to release your client's pain in a gentle, non-invasive way.

  • And practice a lymph protocol for the face, neck, upper and lower extremities and abdomen. 

  • Drainage of viscera for the liver.

  • And become acquainted with the Primo-Vascular System (PVS)


About the Instructor

Molly Clark, PT, LMT has been teaching manual therapy classes nationally and internationally for 17 years and has had a clinical practice for 20 years. She collaborates and teaches frequently with Dr. Bruno Chikly, founder of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) and stays informed of all the latest discoveries and advancements in LDT. 


"Molly is my absolute favorite LDT instructor. She is so knowledgable about the topic, the pace of her classes are just right and her demo's are spot on." Kim Krost, Owner of Integrative Healing®


How is LDT different from other methods of lymphatic drainage?  

Other therapies teach a more methodical or mechanical protocol and do not include Manual Lymphatic Mapping (MLM) techniques. MLM techniques enable the practitioner to palpate the specific rhythm, the direction, depth and quality of lymph flow anywhere in the body. MLM essentially allows the practitioner to listen and assess with their hands. 


Can LDT be added to a massage session? 

Absolutely! After the first day of this class you'll wonder how you have done massage without it. LDT can be combined with any type of massage to achieve quicker and more permanent changes. You'll learn how to access and work with tissue intelligently. Your clients will enjoy the depth of relaxation that naturally happens during LDT and you'll benefit from working smarter to achieve your treatment goals. 


What are the benefits of LDT for my clients?

LDT isn't just for lymphedema. LDT practitioners can apply these non-invasive techniques to a wide array of conditions. Clients will benefit in a multitude of ways including:

  • Reduction of pain and muscle spasms 

  • Reduction of inflammation

  • For all frozen or stuck issues

  • Fluid stimulation as with edema (non-invasive movement of lymph, drain toxins, and macromolecules/proteins)

  • Post surgery discomfort and swelling and quicker healing time (improved function/less inflammation) 

  • Stimulation of the Immune System (all the organs are part of the Lymphatic system)

  • For Neuropathy (increased circulation/decrease of inflammation)

  • For Anxiety (action on the nervous system/CNS)

  • For weight control (lymphatic congestion especially in women can be benefited by regular sessions of LDT)

How will this class help my practice? 

  • LDT techniques benefit a wide variety of conditions and has very few contraindications. 

  • Mastering LDT can open your practice to a lot of clients that were otherwise closed to you. 

  • LDT is non-invasive and is great for self-care. 

  • LDT gives the practitioner a nice change of pace while being extremely effective. 

  • LDT can easily be added to any massage, esthetics, nursing, reflexology or other body therapies. 


How much can I charge for this service? 

LDT session prices vary depending upon the area you service and the expertise you can bring. Most LDT services can cost as much or a bit more than a typical massage. Pricing should reflect your experience as you practice more with clients and may increase as you master the higher levels of training.  


Can LDT be a stand-alone service? 

Yes. LDT is perfect for stand alone. Advertise the benefits of LDT on your website and clients will make their own connections and book with you. Get clients acquainted with LDT by giving 10 minute teasers and a discount for their first session and watch your schedule fill up. 


Advantages of taking LDT 1 at Integrative Healing Institute 

  • Learn LDT from an instructor with 17 years experience working with the founder Dr. Bruno Chikly.

  • Intimate class atmosphere -  limited to 24 students vs. 50 - 75 

  • Lots of free parking steps from the door

  • Discounted Airport Drury Hotel Accommodations and FREE shuttle service

  • Scheduling and Payment through IHI

  • Daily AM/PM snacks - tea service

  • Massage Tables/Linens provided

  • Text books/charts/video's available for purchase on site

  • Pre-class party February 7th. Meet classmates, pick up your pre-study homework and discounted textbooks. 

  • Future LDT level classes at IHI... 

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