Lypossage  with Jill Scoggins, LMT


Lypossage is a technique used to diminish cellulite and reduce lymph edema. Using a combination of massage modalities and lymphatic drainage, Jill is able to cleanse the body of waste that the body is storing in the fatty tissues of the body while slimming and smoothing the region. This is a non-invasive process used to cleanse the body of toxins and retained fluid. It is an alternative to surgery or you could use it to prepare or as recovery for surgeries such as liposuction. Muscles are also toned while lifting and firming sagging tissue. 


A clinical study done in 1999 showed the average loss was 1 1/2 inches per thigh with a cumulative loss of 6.75 inches. One study done in Belgium found Lypossage to reduce LDL and increase HDL in study participants. It also helps with body image and increasing mood.


The Lypossage Series consists of 20 sessions of approximately 30 minutes each. The first and last of the series is free; these consist of the consultation and the final session, where your results are revealed. You will be measured during each session and also every third session photographs will be taken. The 18 sessions are done three days a week for six weeks. These can be stand alone sessions or used in conjunction  with the Liposlim wraps for an enhanced result. 


Sessions are $85 each or purchase the entire series of 20 and receive 10% off and save $153.


Schedule your first appointment consultation to get ready for bikini season!

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