NES Health Practitioner Training

Register for both Practitioner Training: Advanced Clinical Coaching for NES Health Practitioners & Transformation Master Class at the same time for a special discount price of $1000. 

Wednesday September 26-Friday September 28

$585 before August 20th & $675 late registration

Featured Topics

Know Your Client Bioenergetically

•Developing bioenergetic understanding of emotional states and constitutional propensities

•Shifting focus from medical diagnoses to bioenergetic potential

•Encouraging personal empowerment

•Interpreting Scans

•Understanding field structure as mapped by Peter Fraser

•Identifying and working with healing cycles

•Understanding and applying the Five Elements from TCM

•Supporting the Field

•What Infoceuticals and the miHealth do (and don’t do) and how to use them

•Incorporating other modalities

•Building a remote practice


This special, private training event is presented by Debbie Littrell Ventura and Peter Paulissen

Debbie Littrell Ventura is NES Health Certified Practitioner, working with clients in San Antonio, Texas, and remotely around the globe. She has a degree in classical Homeopathy, a professional background in the legal technology field, and is a frequent trainer and lecturer on bioenergetic wellness.


Peter Paulissen began his career studying physiotherapy and Western and Eastern healthcare, including several complementary healthcare disciplines such as Postural Integration, BOCAM therapy, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Ortho-Molecular healthcare. He deepened his knowledge in Advaita (non-dualism). In mainstream healthcare he continued studying in Humanistics, Psychological-Pathology and integrative psychology. Peter has been practicing his successful ‘functional healthcare in service of the patient’ for over 20 years at his own medical clinic. Besides this he often practices his other great passion, teaching. He teaches medical and psychological subjects, Acupuncture and Advaita.

Saturday September 29-Monday October 1 (10am-6pm)

$585 before August 20 & $675 late registration

The Transformation Master Class is designed for people who want to integrate the wisdom of human potential into their lives and who are passionate about the field of bioenergetics and its possibility to help others live full, meaning-filled lives. While learning to help others, you will also give yourself the present of a transformative inner journey!


Topics covered in the Master Class include:

• Leading a more alive, productive and joyous life

• Revealing the patterns which organize and give meaning to all of your experiences. When you understand these patterns, you can make much quicker progress in your mental and psychological growth.

• Freeing up time and learning to see yourself and others with a clearer perspective and less judgment

• Exposing self-defeating and unnecessary reactions, behaviors, and attachments to personality which keep you from living your true nature

• Seeing a path to letting go of your personality and trusting that there is actually something more "essential" beyond it (you might find that until now your "essence" has been awaiting discovery).

• Illuminating unconscious parts of yourself that stand in the way of your being more fully alive


Come and learn, work through your distortions and see how reality really works. Your personality - the ego and its structures - is an artificial construct. Up until now this has dictated your misunderstanding or misinterpretation of reality. It may have seemed useful - even highly valuable; but it is time to make this a friend in the past and create the new, magnificent version of who you really are.


Join Peter and Debbie in this deep dive Master Class about Transformation. Use what you learn to help your clients and "be the change!"

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