Cosmetic surgery (Liposuction, BBL's, Tummy Tucks, Mommy Makeovers, Facial Reconstruction and Scar revision) can create a great deal of swelling in the body, as well as a risk for seromas (hard areas where fluid congests in the post-surgical area) and fibrotic tissue and adhesions. One way to reduce these risks and decrease the healing time is with the use of manual lymphatic drainage therapy.

This specialized form of Manual Lymphatic Drainage may help to:

  • Reduce swelling

  • Boost the immune system

  • Assist with body sculpting

  • Improve the elimination of toxins (natural and medicinal)

  • Reduce pain

  • Reduce the chances of seromas, hematomas, fibroids and necrosis

  • Reduce the amount of fibrosis

  • Increase the health of the skin and other vital tissues

What can I expect during my first session?

We recommend booking a one-hour session for your first visit. It's best to arrive at least 10 minutes early to remove any compression garments you're wearing and to fill out the intake form. The therapist will speak to you about the areas of surgery and any other issues you may be experiencing that can be addressed with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. 

How long after surgery should I schedule?

We do not treat clients who still have drains in or incisions open. Please wait to schedule until you are no longer draining fluid. 

How many appointments will I need?

Each person's recovery from surgery is different and the number of sessions needed will be personalized for you. Our therapists recommend at least once per week or per your doctor's recommendations. 

Can I bring someone else with me to the appointment?

You are welcome to bring someone to help you remove and reapply your compression garments before and after the session. Please note, we cannot teach anyone how to do this type of service during the session. 


60 minute sessions are $90