Psychotherapy with Marti Leesman, MS, LPC


Marti helps her clients seize what they want from their lives with more health and ease, and with less pain and suffering. Her therapy approach is to be a collaborator with you in this process. Psychotherapy should not be disempowering, therapy should be empowering! You are the expert about your life so far; we start with where you are now, and together through small but powerful shifts, we will create the life you want.


Integrated Approach

Marti's approach to therapy is very integrated, When fully embraced, the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical parts of us can all work in communion to help us heal. If you are only using your head, that is not enough. If you are only using your feels, they are also not enough. Life is complex. Human beings are complex. Psychology is complex.


In therapy, Marti helps her clients understand and synthesize all parts of themselves into an integrated and holistic vitality. When this happens, you can accomplish the things you have previously only longed for. When the power of who you are meets your passion for what you want, sparks fly and change happens.


Marti assists people with a variety of issues including: anxiety, depression, loss. 


She can help with big life transitions including: career, health, pregnancy, home, faith, divorce and death. 


She specializes in self-compassion, mindfulness, shame-resilience and imperfection.


Marti offers transpersonal and coaching approaches to psychotherapy. She integrates relations, experiential and pragmatic techniques to help you receive what you want from your life with more ease and less pain.


If you're interested in scheduling please email for a consultation.