Realization Coaching for Empowerment & Transformation

Living consciously begins with Realization of our true selves and our true purpose.

Flicka Rahn has helped many people achieve confidence, self-esteem, creativity and abundance in their life journey. She has a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling and has been teaching and facilitating workshops in Music and Healing for over 25 years. Flicka also has experience teaching breathing exercises to people suffering from anxiety or asmtha. She is available on Monday or Thursday by appointment at Integrative Healing Institute.  

Price: $70 per hour  



Establish Confidence 


  • Discover who you really are = Realization 

  • Find the direction for your life that meets your goals (or Identify the goals in your life and find your true direction) 

  • Build your confidence level by becoming conscious of your gifts 

  • Experience your strong, solid core of being 


Build Self-Esteem & Break Free from Stress & Anxiety


  • Learn how to find inner guidance with music and guided meditation 

  • Reduce stress with sound therapy using crystal singing bowls and tuning forks

  • Discover the connection between your speaking voice and your self-esteem 

  • Learn your purpose and live your purpose through Realization Coaching 


Unlock your Creativity 


  • Find the path to happiness through creativity 

  • Transform your life through your imagination  

  • Your dreams become what is possible 


Abundance and Gratitude 


  • Learn to create a natural state of abundance 

  • Establish a clear positive focus for every part of your life 

  • Love who you are and live your purpose  


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