Seasonal Allergy Formula

Airborne allergens like dust, trees, weeds and grasses affect as many as 35 million people in the U.S. each year. Seasonal Allergy Formula with Dust is a tasteless, homeopathic* product specially formulated to provide help for Spring, Summer and Fall allergens throughout the United States. 


*In the United States, OTC (over the counter) homeopathic medicines are indicated for self-limiting, self diagnosable conditions and must comply with all FDA regulations for OTC medicines. According to the Consumer Health Product Association, homeopathic medicines are considered safe for use in adults as well as children. Homeopathic medicines have many advantages and can also be safely used with other dietary supplements.


Allergens Covered by Seasonal Allergy Formula


Sweet Vernal





Kentucky (June Grass)
Sweet Clover

Timothy Wheat



Pigweed Mix (Rough/ Spring)

Ragweed Mix (Giant/ Short)

Sheep Sorrel


Common Mugwort



Alder Red

Ash Mix (Green, White)

Birch Mix (Paper, River, Sweet, White)

Box Elder

Elm Mix (American, Chinese & Slippery)

Hickory Mix (Pignut, Shagbark, Shellbark, White)

Maple Mix (Red, Silver, Sugar)

Oak Mix (Blackjack, Bur, Post, Red, White)

Pine Mix (Austrian, Loblolly, Scotch, White)

Red Mulberry

Red Cedar


Walnut Black

White Poplar

English Plantain

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