What is Natural Reflex Therapy®?

Throughout history healers from many cultures discovered that points, meridians and zones were located all over the body and may be accessed by a variety of methods including: needling, acupressure or electric stimulation.

Reflex points were written about and charted by several doctors of osteopathy (Owen, Chapman, Fitzgerald and Riley) in the early 1900’s. In addition Eunice Ingham, a protégée of Dr. Riley’s was responsible for sharing this knowledge in a practical way with thousands of people through seminars thereby making Reflexology the common term for working with reflex points.

Natural Reflex Therapy® is a trademarked holistic wellness modality that works exclusively with the reflex points of the body to facilitate relaxation, wellbeing and homeostasis (the ability to achieve healthy function or equilibrium). Natural Reflex Therapy® techniques may be used on any reflex point on the body including: the feet, hands, ears or whole body.


Natural Reflex Therapy® techniques are non-invasive, non-painful and effective for many health issues. Proper stimulation of reflex points found throughout the body may affect a wide variety of physical ailments, including neurological, muscular, lymphatic and endocrine dysfunctions. This therapy also has the added benefit of being just as effective with a clothed person as in a massage. It is suitable for all ages and even for pets. Cost for a therapeutic session is around $45 for half-hour and $70 for one hour.

Natural Reflex Therapy® may be used with:

· Low Back, Hip Pain & Sciatica

· Insomnia

· Endocrine Imbalances

· Headaches & Allergies

· Irritable Bowel Syndrome

· Stress & Anxiety

· Arthritic Conditions

· Shoulder & Neck Discomfort

· Fibromyalgia Syndrome & Chronic Fatigue

· Ankle & Foot Pain

· Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


· Beneficial for High or Low Blood Pressure

· Strengthens the body's ability to deal with Stress

· Stills Brain Chatter

· Soothes the Digestive System

· Energizes the Immune System

· Promotes gentle elimination of toxins

· Induces Calmness

· Restores flexibility to muscles, joints and bones

· Improves posture

· Assists the healing process after trauma or surgery

While this technique can be used in conjunction with massage therapy or physical therapy, it is also easily taught and understood by individuals for self-care, to add to an existing practice or as a stand-alone wellness modality. For more information about the Natural Reflex Therapy® Practitioner program contact Kim@integrativehealingsa.com.

About Kim Krost

Kim Krost is owner of Integrative Healing Institute® in San Antonio Texas. She is a licensed massage therapist and massage therapy instructor teaching a variety of wellness classes including Reflexology. In addition to management of the Institute she has maintained a holistic bodywork practice since 1999 using Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Reflexology, and Natural Reflex Therapy®.

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