Learning the Language of the Body

Humans have an innate internal system that is always striving to keep us balanced and alive. Very simply, you can think of this internal system as an intelligent energetic matrix that ties all of our parts together into a cohesive whole. This innate system is on 24/7, and is continually monitoring our thoughts and feelings, making hundreds of millions of microadjustments in every moment to help us survive and thrive. We can call this internal helper Innate.

In its quest to keep us healthy and on track, Innate uses the language of symptoms to communicate what’s happening on the inside. Unfortunately, there is often a disconnect in our interpretation of Innate’s messages. For instance, when Innate is coordinating healing in a tissue or organ system, we may experience discomfort, pain, discharge, changes in ability, and/or fatigue. Conventionally, we’re taught to interpret these symptoms as illness or disease; however, Innate may actually be saying, “Hey, we’re rebuilding this stuff – would you please slow down and let us finish the job?”

Innate also uses the language of symptoms to help us course correct and move out of stressful situations. Stress changes our hormonal balance and, instead of chemical release that supports growth, cell repair, healthy digestion, and a calm, clear mental state, stress induces a hormonal flush that actually shuts down growth and repair, digestion, and relaxation. So, when we experience stress-related exhaustion, muscular or structural pain, frequent colds, weight gain or loss, decrease in (or disappearance of) libido, and even hair loss – Innate is desperately trying to get our attention, and is telling us that whatever we’re doing is not working for our highest good.

The beauty of this innate system is that it is 100% unique to each of us. Just as each of us has a unique perception of the world and our place in it, we each also have a distinctive way of responding to our environment. This means that we all hold stress in a different way, heal in a specific way, and have an individualized early warning system when we’re straying from our optimal path.


Learning to interpret your unique body language – and heeding its loving messages – serves to keep you in tune with your purpose, and will direct you toward perfect balance. We can take comfort in knowing we have a brilliant internal helper that is always there, always on, and always working toward our maximum potential.

Debbie Littrell Ventura is a NES Health Certified Practitioner, and is a frequent lecturer and trainer in bioenergetic healthcare. Debbie can be contacted at debbie@leadingbioenergetics.com.

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