Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Part 1


The Lymphatic system consists of all organs, glands, lymph nodes and lymph vessels located throughout the entire body. Functions of this immune system include defending the body against disease, cleansing the body of toxins and ridding the body of excess fluid. In addition, the Lymph acts as a secondary circulatory or transportation system carrying crucial information from the endocrine system throughout the body. Lymph fluid, also called interstitial fluid, bathes tissues and helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells. A little known fact is that the lymphatic system is also responsible for absorbing fats and fat solulible substances from the digestive system.

The Lymphatic system is a vast all encompassing circulatory system that has no pump, instead fluid is moved as a result of respiration and movement of muscles in the body. Challenges to the lymphatic system like: sedientary lifestyles, injury or traumas, surgery, illness, poor diet and issues like diabetes are stressors that may become symptomatic and lead to other problems if left untreated.


Lymphatic drainage therapy can provide additional support and aid in beneficial circulation and proper elimination of excess fluid. Lymphatic drainage therapy can encourage the immune system to function at a higher level, aid the digestive system in absorption and removal of fats and assists the lymph system as it maintains the volume of tissue fluid in the body keeping edema and swelling from becoming abnormal.

*Clients are advised to consult their health care provider before beginning any new treatment.

About Kim Krost

Kim Krost is owner of Integrative Healing Institute® in San Antonio Texas. She is a licensed massage therapist and massage therapy instructor teaching a variety of wellness classes including Reflexology and Reiki. In addition to management of the Institute she has maintained a holistic bodywork practice since 1999 using Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Reflexology, and Natural Reflex Therapy®.

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