Numbers Never Lie!

The study of numerology has been around since the days of Pythagoras (570 – 495 BC) who taught his students that nothing could exist without the influence of numbers. He brought to light that the entire universe could be expressed through numbers, that numbers are energy, and everything, including our names and birthdays, have a meaning through numbers.

We can chart our entire lives in numbers that can show us the patterns and lessons that we have come here to learn. Numerology helps us to understand our personality in combination with the path that we are meant to traverse in this lifetime - what did I come here to do, what am I best suited to do, what are my strengths and weaknesses and how might I best go about obtaining that information?

Through numerology we can determine our best methods of articulation, discover how to relate to others through our gifts and become the best expressions of ourselves to offer the world.

Doing the charts of our children, significant others, family and friends assists us in knowing them on a deeper level so that we can relate to your combined likenesses differences on a more compassionate level. Knowing numerology gives us an immediate advantage when we first meet someone in that it gives us information on how to express ourselves to them.

Numerology is becoming one of our most comprehensive tools in gaining knowledge of the self. If you have a desire to unlock more doors into the workings of your life, then the study of numerology is for you!

Diane Bloom established Free Spirit Crystals in 1991 in the Milwaukee area and has been in her current location since 1995. She will be teaching a Numerology class here at Integrative Healing Institute® on May 30-31. Call or go online to sign up!

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