Yoga & Crystals

Most Hatha yoga classes incorporate themes or intentions to focus on during the physical practice, although their students may not notice it. In planning the Yoga and Crystals class the intention becomes center stage. We use crystals that I have carefully selected to enhance certain mental qualities.

  • In my Grounding class we use crystals to bring us out of chaotic mental activity and root us into the present moment.

  • The second class we use crystals to balance emotional memories and move energy in order to set up for clarity for the next two classes.

  • The third class we used crystals to open ourselves up to receive intuitive messages.

  • The last class we will begin to open ourselves up to our spiritual path.

The order of the classes purposely moves us from one energetic place to the other. Repeating the series every four weeks allows us to truly understand what it means to be grounded, emotionally clear, receptive to our intuition and to be guided spiritually.

Participants of the class find that their mental focus has become very sharp during this series. In using a stone in the places you are connected to the mat, students find themselves more balanced in the poses and with less joint pressure. When knowing what a stone can be used for, we can focus our mind in this one place and this one purpose and shut off the next week’s responsibilities.

I have met a lot of people skeptical of the vibrational influence crystals can have on us. I was one myself but I collected them for their beauty anyway. Then I started carrying one as a reminder of something I needed. When someone told me Morganite is for emotional independence I said, “Oh hey I need that,” so I carried it. When I saw it, it was a reminder for what I wanted to work on in myself. Then one day I clicked with one. I wish I could explain it but this particular stone moved me into positive action I hadn’t been able to conjure on my own.

So bring yourself to class every Saturday at 1pm and see what can happen. Make room for change. It can become a place to start when you’re unsure how or when. It’s a great way to bring more mental focus into your existing yoga practice and it’s a gentle flow so it’s a way to start a practice if you are new to yoga. It also helps to solidify what each stone can be used for if you are new to working with stones.

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