4 Amazing Benefits to Private Yoga Sessions

Taking a group yoga class can be an intimidating experience. The room is quiet, your pants are stretchy and the class level may be more intense than you anticipated. A private yoga session can be a good alternative for those that want to get started on a regular yoga practice but don’t know where to begin. A private yoga session gives you…

1. One on one attention to ask the teacher all that you wanted to know about body alignment in a pose. Ask questions like what is the point of the pose, what should I be feeling here, is this supposed to hurt. Of course none of the poses are supposed to hurt but in a private session you can find out why it hurts there and how to make it better.

2. Awareness of your body in a sequence rather than trying to keep up with a group class. Sometimes when you get into a class that is challenging to keep up, that can be good to build your endurance. But if you are unsure how your body best fits the poses you are doing, you can lead yourself to injury. Get to know how the pose or sequence works to where you are in experience and how you can feel a strong stable challenge but also at ease with the pose.

3. The tools to create a practice at home. When I began taking group classes I would love how I felt but couldn’t remember how to recreate it at home. When you take private session at Integrative Healing Institute, you are given a sequence on paper as homework. With practice you start to develop a deeper relationship with your body and cognitive functions. Having personalized instructions with you at home gives you what you need to develop that relationship fully.

4. Items to add to your practice to sharpen the mind. Yoga is known here in the Western world as the poses, the asanas. But traditionally it is this whole system of self study. Using essential oils and crystals while in your asana practice can enhance your mental focus on your experience on the mat. What we practice regularly on the mat stimulates the habit of healthier living off the mat.

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