Reiki - Healing With The Heart Pt.1

The intent to heal is within all of us. As children our mothers nurture us with loving affection, and we grow to do the same with our friends and families. Innately, as humans, we extend healing energy towards one another in times of suffering or pain. Unfortunately, many of us do not realize our own potential or purpose, we only know we that have a desire to help others.

Take a moment to reflect inward and think of what we are made of. What makes our hearts beat? What makes our bodies warm? Where do our emotions and intuition come from? We are energetic and sentimental beings with a purpose. Each atom within us and around us radiate energy. By learning Reiki or experiencing Reiki, we are awakened to the energetic aspect of healing that resides within each of us. We are attuned to the powerful energetic force hat radiates from the Earth, and we learn that we play a huge part of this force by acting as a conduit for positive and grounding energy. Becoming aware of this part of ourselves can help energy flow throughout the body and spirit of the people we intend to heal. Through this technique, we are no only helping ourselves, but others as well to become aware of the energy around us, and that, when channeled, can help us feel balanced and relaxed.

After experiencing Reiki, whether receiving or healing, the balance we feel can help us in other aspects of life. Depression, anxiety, or even problems focusing can be helped with the power of healing with energy. Meditation,in combination with Reiki,can also greatly affect the way we heal, and help to improve overall wellness that radiates outward to our physical bodies. This then becomes true wellness, and holistic healing.

In my personal journey towards healing I have found that both physical and emotional healing are essential for overall health and wellness. By using Reiki, I learned to use my healing energy to heal myself. Too many times healers and caregivers are unaware that we need just as much love as we give.

Healing begins with intent, so by learning that intent in combination with channeling the loving energy all around us can heal and add joy to your practice. Incorporating Reiki into your practice is essential in becoming the best healer you can be for your clients as well as yourself. After all, the most important part of healing begins within.

Reiki classes are available at Integrative Healing Institute; please check our calender for class dates!

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