Partner Yoga: Strengthening Bonds

Partner Yoga classes have a reputation for being an advanced classes and a class for those that are only in romantic relationships but there is so much more to it than that. Partner Yoga can be a way to connect with all the different relationships in your life.

It could be a Parent that you want to connect with as you grow and see how they have supported you in life.

Or a Friend whom needs to remember that you are always there for them

A Roommate whose relationship has been strained by spatial boundaries

A Significant Other that needs to be reminded about how deeply you care for them and that you can still find fun things to do together

A Sibling who has been separated by the daily fluctuations of life

Or how could you use Partner Yoga exercises as a lesson on the importance of team building in the Office with your Coworkers!

Partner Yoga can bring awareness to an issue in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, by opening up lines of communication. By spending time face to face, you are acknowledging room for improvement with each other and yourself.

There is never a point in your relationships that is too late to reiterate your personal strength and stability. You can do this as self-preparation for any new relationships that are brewing in the future. You can use Partner Yoga as a means to check in with yourself as you are in the middle of a partnership, friendship or new living situation. It works well especially after one relationship has changed course or moved on.

Getting on the mat allows you to step out of what you think you already know about life and what you think you know about yourselves. You can be content just being on the mat and in the moment, separate from all the negative things you cognitively and emotionally collect.

It can help you learn when to surrender to the nurturing of others and when to recognize when it is your turn to be nurtured. This is a tricky balance but sharing yoga poses that allow you alternate roles shows you how important and graceful this balance can be.

When you take time out of the daily stuff and say, “This hour, from all the other hours we experience, is for us”, you are sending a very important message that no matter how life pulls you, you are here for those that you connect with the most.

Partner Yoga doesn’t have to be only for those that already know how to balance each other upside and down over your own head. Syncing the breath together can be more therapeutic than a good talk. It will most likely begin that much needed time with the ones you can call family.

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