Lightening Your Load with Karin Kiser

Why is everyone I see drinking from glass containers now?

Why would I want to brush my skin?

How is my cluttered house affecting me?

Living in an age where we are passing information so easily from one person to another on the internet makes it hard to filter through relevant facts concerning our health. Karin Kiser’s book Lighten Your Load has done just that. In her book, Kiser has brought forth the most share-worthy information that takes the guessing out of the things we heard we should be doing, and some things we haven’t.

To start off her book, Kiser explains five very surprising ways that we bring in toxins, and then sets up five chapters to explain each category. Kiser writes this in such a way that doesn’t feel like she has given you a To Do list for your To Do list. The tasks are easy to commit to, and, once you read the facts behind why we should change our habits, you build up and retain good habits to replace them. These lessons echo in your mind when you stand under the showerhead, each time you click the light on in your closet, or turn on the TV at night!

We already know that toxins constantly surround us, but Lighten Your Load helps to bring awareness to how our habits are bringing more into our bodies, and teaches us how to change that!

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