Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain

Spinal flexibility is not something we think of everyday but it is something we depend on. Most of the time our spine moves with us without our awareness unless we have pain.

Here are some ideas for keeping the back happy and healthy.

Yoga for Back Pain
  • Use the Breath to create Core Support. Take a deep breath and use the Exhale to pull your navel in towards your spine. You may not notice much at first but continue to practice this and see if you notice a little squeeze in the abdominal muscles.

  • Create Length in your Spine with your Awareness. Notice your hips on whatever you are sitting on. As you Inhale, Lengthen the Spine. Feel as though you are growing it from the Hips and out through the Crown of your head.

  • Bring moisture to the vertebral discs with Twists. When you twist the cartilage that sits around the spine brings fluid to the discs that sit between each vertebrae. These discs breakdown as we age and the twisting and squeezing action of the cartilage keeps your spine flexible.

  • Support the natural curve of your spine with Backbends and Chest Openers. As we sit for long periods of time, the spine loses its natural shape. The lower back loses its curve and the curve of the thoracic spine is unhealthily exaggerated. In a seated position, rock the hipbones forward, tilt the chin slightly back and let the shoulders fall open. Take a couple of breaths here and then come back to your regular seated position.

For more ways to decrease back pain check out our Yoga for Back Pain-Beginner Series every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm this month! This series can ease you into a new yoga practice or help refine the practice you already have. Each class will focus on yoga poses that can help your back find relief from pain, injury and everyday stress. Learn the proper alignment of each pose, use breathing practices to activate more benefits and put these poses in a flow you can practice at home every day. Register online and be sure to come to class early! Doors will lock at 7pm.

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