Crystals for the Holidays

Crystals that help ease stress that the holidays can bring. Whether its travel anxiety, difficult family parties or awkward work get togethers, there is a stone that can help. Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz and Lepidolite are all great stones to ease the effects of holiday madness in their own ways.

Crystal kits
  • Black Tourmaline helps to remove negativity, whether its self induced or from our social circles. It can protect you from more negativity from coming into your energy field and it can allow you to feel grounded and mindful of body and emotions.

  • Red Jasper can bring in a sense of security and safety. This can help us bring a deeper connection to family members and strengthen the family as a unit.

  • Blue Lace Agate can give you a sense of ease and calming to a frustrated and agitated state. This is a great stone to beat the stress of traveling and moving through rough holiday traffic.

  • Rose Quartz can help you connect to the love and the holiday spirit. When using rose quartz, you can imagine the love and joy that connects us to one another and to the deeper meaning of the holiday.

  • Lepidolite can open lines of communication and diplomacy to the people we connect to. We can use this stone to help us connect to new people at all those holiday parties, strengthen existing bonds between family members and friends.

New Year’s is our favorite time to make commitments to ourselves and stones can help.

  • Carnelian can create motivation and a sense of fire within our efforts.

  • Tiger’s Eye connects us to the benefits we will be receiving from the efforts we put forth in our passions and goals.

  • Rose Quartz can remind us to nurture ourselves when we fall short of our goals and to send ourselves loving and encouraging words.

  • Apatite can keep us from over eating and divulging in our cravings, from wither food or the craving of wanting to be on the couch.

  • Amethyst helps us cut ties with our old self and old habits we hope to grow out of.

Crystal kits are available in our store. Stop by before the holidays or join us on January 4-5 for our Crystal Trunk Show.

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