Welcome New Opportunities with our Spring Crystal Kits

New crystal kits are back to help you move into spring with the hope of change. Working on new projects? Spring-cleaning your mind, body and emotions? Read more to find this month's little helpers!

Clear quartz is a strong purification stone. It can help dislodge stuck energy while creating a high functioning flow to your energetic field. Sometimes you can feel heat as it transmits your energy to and from your personal bubble. This flow helps you align into the energies of the universe and what it wants to provide for you. Carry quartz in times of high stress, when you sense dips in your energy throughout the day or everyday like I do!

Citrine, a type of quartz with a yellow or orange color, was once called "the merchant's stone." It helps to bring in creativity, personal power and help you make intelligent decisions which enables you to connect to the flow of money. This stone is a great problem solver so keep it handy in your purse, wallet or with your business budget.

Tiger's Eye is another great problem-solving stone. It can help align your awareness to the needs of others. This generosity brings you closer to the goodness of the universe. This is how abundance works. If you find gratitude for what you have, can help others without anticipation of reward, you are rewarded in return. You may find synchronicity so that issues (usually monetary, creative or spiritual issues) dissolve almost effortlessly and situations work out better than you could have planned them.

Carnelian is a great motivational stone that helps you get the job done. Ever started a cleaning project only to stand back and stare at the task ahead, unsure of where to start? This stone can help light the fire you need to jump into any project. I call Carnelian my Monday stone. I keep it near my desk or in my pocket to keep me checking off the to do list and I notice a considerable difference in my enthusiasm for the day if I leave home without it.

Mookaite Jasper varies in color and can be difficult to tell apart from other stones. It shows up in desert landscape colors like browns, reds, deep purples and yellow. This Jasper stone has a very creamy quality to it and can help you work through tough times and strong obstacles. That could be any changes in life that you aren't sure you can get through. Hold on to it tightly when you are feeling particularly stressed about things, close your eyes and remember that everything will eventually move into something better.

Stop by our store on San Pedro and pick up this month's kit for $7.50. It has each one of these small stones in a jewelry bag for crystal healing on the go!

See more of our crystal collection at our Crystal Trunk Show Friday and Saturday, March 22nd and 23rd.

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