4 Ways to Perfect your Chill Zone at Home

Do you notice your mood calms and your stress melts as soon as you enter your Massage Therapist or Acupuncturist's office? Do you wish you could recreate that feeling of tranquility at home? Try adding a few of these tips to get that same feeling of serenity without having to leave your house.

1. Aroma

Diffusers are a simple way to personalize your space with your favorite scents. Water-misting diffusers such as our AromaMist Diffuser only require a few drops of oil to last for hours. A few of our favorites are lavender, grapefruit and ylang ylang essential oils. We carry Floracopeia brand oils, that offer high quality, wildcrafted and organic options for a low price.

2. Music

Oftentimes it's easier to fall asleep when lying on a massage table because you're able to concentrate on something besides your own thoughts. To keep your mind from taking over try listening to music with binaural beats and soothing tones such as Icaros by our Sound Therapist Flicka Rahn.

3. Ambiance

Creating the right mood can be overwhelming but start with simple things to make subtle changes such as using Palo Santo wood sticks to clear negative energy. Adding crystal clusters like amethyst, clear quartz or citrine can provide an elegant touch without cluttering the space.

4. Massage

If you have a partner who also enjoys the relaxation of massage, there are simple tools to help you recreate a therapy session at home. A Home Massage Kit includes a headrest that can be attached to your bed between the mattress and box spring to allow you to lay face down on the bed comfortably. If you're looking for something a little more professional, Earthlite's Harmony DX Portable Massage Table is lightweight and can be folded to fit into a closet or even under a bed.

Visit our store to stock up or to get more ideas for your space.

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