Q & A with Crystal Expert Diane Bloom

Diane Bloom has been working with crystals for almost 30 years. Her classes and healing sessions have

inspired many to connect to the universal healing energy that is all around us. Her ability to pass on her experience to her students in a simple yet powerful way makes her a special ally. Read more to find out how she began her healing journey and what advice she has for other crystal healers.

How do you get started using crystals in your life?

Diane: I got started after I got hit in the face playing softball and fell on my shoulder. After going to doctors and rehab for a year with no relief for the pain in my shoulder (including having an operation), a friend of mine suggested I see someone who did energy healing work with crystals. After 5 weeks of working with her, my arm was healed. I knew then that I wanted to share this with others and began a new life opening my mind to new possibilities and studying everything I could find about crystals and healing.

How has crystal work made an impact on you?

D: Working with crystals has changed by whole life. I dedicated my life to becoming my authentic self unencumbered by the beliefs and conditioning that I was taught in my youth. I was determined to release the fears that held me back from being passionate about living, the fears that prevented me from moving into the gifts of who I am. It was a complete transformation of the self and deepening of my connection to Spirit.

Who has been your biggest mentor in learning how energy works and heals us?

D: This may sound strange, but my biggest "mentor" has been Spirit. I learned how to "listen" to the guidance coming to me and was given an incredible amount of information about healing with crystals. I learned how to use my senses to gain knowledge from the stones themselves and use that information to do healing work and personal transformation. I also learned from Katrina Raphaell, Melody and DaEl Walker - all amazing teachers.

What is the most important advice you can give to new energy workers and crystal healers?

D: The best advice I can give to people who are starting to work with crystals and stones is to practice opening to their sensitivity, to learn how to feel, to open their minds to all the possibilities that the Universe has to offer. This is about trusting the power of crystal energy and becoming acclimated to working with it. I tell people to practice some form of healing everyday to become confident in their abilities and to strengthen their bond with the energy.

Do you have a favorite crystal, if so what is it and why do you love it?

D: I love using a channeling crystal. The very first crystal I had was a channeler and I used it everyday to gain information and learn about myself. I still use a channeling crystal when I write or when I am doing dowsing work. I love the clear connection I get with my guides.

Join Diane and other energy healers in her class, Finding Your Passion, going on this weekend!

Can't make it to the classes? You can still check out her Free Crystal Trunk Show on Friday November 15th and Saturday November 16th from 11am-6pm.

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