Being a Beginner

The New Year brings us new motivation and excitement to become whoever we want to be. We use this time of year to express new skills we want to have or dust off old passions, but often by February the fire dies out. This can happen when we forget to allow ourselves to be new at our passions. Here are some things to remember as we make plans for 2020!

  • Be excited. Follow your interests without reflecting on what others will think of you.

  • Be present. Notice your thoughts of self criticism when you are trying something new.

  • Be kind. After noticing the criticism, follow up with kind words.

  • Be patient. Before practicing a new skill, remind yourself to be patient. Remember that it may take weeks of regular focus in order to notice changes.

  • Be committed. Don't let the fire die in your practices. Take regular rests, find a friend to share your passion with and tell yourself yes, when you wonder if you should pick up that drawing pencil, unroll that mat or take that run around the block. Sometimes it's that easy.

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