Can Foot Reflexology improve sleep quality?

According to the American Sleep Association®, 50-70 million adults have a sleep disorder. They also report how dangerous sleep deprivation can be including the increased likelihood of developing Type II diabetes, slower wound healing, depression, weight gain, and decreased cognitive function such as logic, practical reasoning and working memory.

A new meta-analysis in the Journal of Advanced Nursing has reviewed whether Foot Reflexology can affect sleep quality based on findings from forty-two studies. The analysis looked at the experience of a total of 3,928 participants in randomized controlled trials with Reflexology to see if the participant's quality of sleep changed over 1 month with the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. Various aspects of sleep including how long it took to fall asleep, length of time slept and sleep disturbances were measured by participants. The meta-analysis discovered that Foot Reflexology increased overall sleep quality compared to control groups and the therapeutic effect of Foot Reflexology kept participants from experiencing sleep problems compared to those that didn't receive Reflexology.

The study findings suggested that "foot reflexology produced significant improvements in sleep disturbances." As well as, "regularly receiving foot reflexology can be considered complementary therapy to improve the sleep quality of adults with sleep disturbances."

Improve your sleep quality this March with 15% off One Hour Reflexology at Integrative Healing Institute®. The Reflexology techniques used at our office are painless, gentle, and very relaxing.

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