CEDAR X® Testimonials

Here is a selection of the wonderful testimonials we have received from customers who have tried our CEDAR X®:

I live in Canyon Lake and suffer horribly from Cedar fever for 11 years. I have been taking Zyrtec D and using Flonase every day. When I walked into a little shop two weeks ago the owner looked at me and said "what's wrong Janet"? I told him CEDAR FEVER. He reached under his counter and pulled out the Cedar X. I ordered the Cedar X Formula that night (a Saturday) and received it on Monday (2 weeks ago today). I started using 10 drops in the morning and 10 drops late afternoon. I have not taken one Zyrtec nor used my Flonase one time in two weeks and I am completely symptom free. It is a miracle.

--Janet ODell, Canyon Lake, Texas


My daughter who lives in Austin was suffering terribly from Cedar Fever. She had called me on the phone and could not even walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded - her professor told her to go home from his class, she looked so terrible. I immediately went online to find a product and am so happy I found Cedar X®.  The product was mailed out on a Tuesday, she received it Wednesday and was feeling much better by Wednesday night. Thursday she sounded and looked 100% better - her professor wanted to know what she did, what she "took" to get well as she was so terrible in class on Tuesday!  I told her to spread the love! Tell everyone about Cedar X®!!! This product is so amazing. Never again will my daughter take Benadryl!!!   Cedar X® is the most miraculous product I have ever tried. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!  I am looking forward to using more of your products!!!
--Theresa Neville, Austin, Texas

I am ordering this product because Cedar X® aromatherapy worked so well for my husband. To tell the truth, I didn't expect to work at all but ordered it because he wasn't getting an relief from the Clariton D type products and he is asthmatic. Plus the biggie was your "money back guarantee." Well the Cedar X® has worked wonders. He has not had a "meltdown' since early January. Thank you very much, we will definitely order Cedar X® next winter.
--Linda McCormick.

Immediate results! My eyes and nose itch terribly when cedar season rolls around. They stopped itching the day I started using Cedar X®. I am very happy. If I make it through the season without using steroids this year, I will give you credit for it.
-- Marian, San Antonio, Texas

I just wanted to let you know that I had ordered the Cedar X® from you a couple of weeks ago. I truly cannot believe that it actually works. Last year I had to take prescription allergy medicine on a daily basis to make it through cedar season. I still have days where I take the medicine, but on most days the Cedar X® is enough to get me through the day! Thank you for a great product. I look forward to trying your other products.
-- J. O., Kerrville, Texas

Cedar X® provides fast visible relief to Cedar allergies. Not only do you feel better you also look better. The swelling in your face and eyes goes down. With Cedar X® you get quick relief. I got relief within 30 minutes.
-- John Norriega , School Administrator, San Antonio, Texas

Every Christmas my family meets close to Uvalde.  I end up taking Benadryl and using boxes of Kleenex.  I was miserable.  My husband heard the commercial for Cedar X®.  Our family would much rather use a natural product that medicines off the shelf.  Wow.  After the first use, I was cured.  I didn’t even need one Kleenex for 3 days, while we were there.  I wasn’t “loopy” from the medication and could actually enjoy my family.  I would highly recommend Cedar X® to anyone who has seasonal allergies and do.  It was like a miracle.  I order my CedarX® in October to make sure that I have it ready to go when the cedar comes in.  I have passed this information on to all of my co-workers and family.  We all use it.
--Mary Armbruster, La Vernia, Texas

OK, I admit it...I rolled my eyes when a friend told me about Cedar X®. He gave me a bottle and after the first application, my perpetual runny nose dried up in 15 minutes. That was three cedar seasons ago and now, I take one drop in the morning and one drop at night and no longer have to worry about it. I then tried the spring solution for oak and wildflower pollen, mold relief and the fall solution for ragweed and they worked wonders also. I can now enjoy being a resident of the hill country!
--Dianne Clemons

I had been suffering from horrible allergies for 2 weeks. One of my co-workers/ dear friends who suffers as well told me during a doctor's visit, she overheard a young man's conversation about "rubbing a substance on his wrist that relieved his symptoms immediately." She didn't catch the name of this product, so I googled "rub on wrist for allergies:" sounded like a long shot but I figured it was worth a try! I came across the article on SAT's website and they revealed the name of the product: Cedar X®. I came to this site, found out where to buy it and went to Good Stuff that afternoon for it. The salesperson even informed me that they sell 10 bottles a day and have not heard anything but good things about it. I'm here to testify that Cedar X® is a miracle in a bottle. Forty-eight hours ago, I couldn't breathe, taste, and my hearing was slightly off due to my intense allergy symtpoms. Now I'm 100% back to my old self again and I'm so grateful that I discovered Cedar X®. Anyone out there that is skeptical, don't be...this products really works and it works fast!
--Mignone Smith, Converse, Texas

I had lived through one infection this year due to my Cedar allergies and was on my way to another...you just know after years of suffering. I was taking my prescription meds and using my prescription spray but still felt the oncoming signs of an imminent infection. I went online to check the cedar count for the day and saw referrals to Cedar X®. I also remembered hearing something on the news talking about a product but never heard the story. I immediately called to find out where I could obtain Cedar X® as I was willing to try anything!!  They put some on me while I was there and before I got home, I felt my head clearing up. I went on to use the Cedar X®  faithfully and have had minimal issues with my allergies the rest of the season. And this, in a really bad year of Cedar. I wish for everyone to experience the relief I have enjoyed using this product.
--Debi Welch

I have to admit that I can be somewhat skeptical about the ability of essential oils and the like to treat ailments, but the misery of Cedar Fever drove me to put aside my skepticism and give Cedar X® a try. Well, now I'm a believer because, man, does this stuff work--and work fast! My symptoms disappeared, my perpetual sinus troubles cleared up, and I no longer feel like I'll have to move away from Austin in order to avoid the misery of Cedar Fever.

I am amazed at the results I am getting. I was taking Zyrtec and not getting much relief. Since I started using the Cedar X® I have stopped taking any meds like Zyrtec that just slightly mask the symptoms. I feel like Cedar X® is helping my body to become immune to the cedar pollen. I am very grateful that someone took the time to make this great product. I was at the point where I couldn't function anymore due to feeling so bad, and now I'm almost 100 percent feeling like my old self. Don't suffer needlessly, get some Cedar X® and give it a try.
--Steven Marks

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